US Pres. Trump to Maintain Sanctions On Cuba, Venezuela

US Pres. Trump to Maintain Sanctions On Cuba, Venezuela

Maduro's popularity has taken a nose-dive in recent years, mostly due to a severe three-year-long economic crisis and his failure to tackle corruption in the public sector.

Meanwhile, Felix Velasquez, an adviser for the National Constituent Assembly, has speculated that the government will win thirteen state governorships in the upcoming elections and that abstention will be high.

"We negotiated, I agreed to pay and the resources were released", he said.

It is a turnaround from the successes of the redistribution policies of Chavez that the World Bank says led to a decline in poverty from 50 percent in 1998 to approximately 30 percent in 2013.

The Inter-Parliamentary Union sent a letter to Maduro earlier this month asking him to ensure that Borges and other delegation members be allowed to travel freely to Russia, according to a copy seen by Bloomberg. Thats almost 9% of Mirandas 2.4 million-plus voters relocated between Tuesday and Thursday.

Is the Future of Venezuela Defined in State Governors' Elections?

Even if his allies suffer at the polls, the elections could provide a boost for Maduro, said David Smilde of the Washington Office on Latin America.

The swearing-in ceremony took place at the headquarters of the Organisation of American States (OAS), but was largely ignored by regional diplomats and the Maduro administration itself. "We think we have to have an important relationship with Russia and we want to open a channel of communication".

The Russians are coming. Venezuela's powerful military has so far carried the government through waves of popular unrest, and there are few signs of it withdrawing its support any time soon.

If the opposition wins a majority, it would be the first gubernatorial election since 2000 in which candidates backed by the ruling party coalition do not dominate.

"The real test will come after the election as the government will either face a very different map with at least half of the governorships in the hands of the opposition, or will have to carry out some inelegant political maneuvers that will likely carry significant political costs", said Smilde. The sale, an obscure, off-market arrangement, is thought to leave Venezuela on the hook for $11 billion by 2036 in return for $1 billion in cash now. "He knew about our business and the size of our operations", Prazeres de Acevedo said.

Governors are at the front line of the crisis and are being asked to help citizens with increasingly stretched budgets.

It is unclear how much more room the government has to cut imports.

Political observers have speculated that the bump, which represents a 5.8% increase from July, can be attributed to the population's perception of an improvement in their economic situation and their rejection of US economic sanctions approved against Venezuela by the US in August.