Could Clintons and Democrats have handled the Weinstein scandal any worse — WaPo

Could Clintons and Democrats have handled the Weinstein scandal any worse — WaPo

"I have chosen to leave my husband", she said.

When it comes to covering up lewd or even criminal sexual behavior, Froelich argues that the practice is incessant in Hollywood.

"She stands 100 percent behind me", Weinstein said, adding his wife was helping him become "a better human" and to "apologise to people for my bad behaviour, to say I'm sorry, and to absolutely mean it". They'll have a hell of a time unhitching them, even if they do gain some competence for the effort, and there's not too many other wagons left for their progressive agenda after that. He also said Weinstein and his team are planning to file a lawsuit, with any proceeds being donated to women's organizations. I know she has to do what is best for the children, for herself and her business, she employs 130 people. For example, in 2013, the actor and comedian, Seth MacFarlane, made a joke about the accusations while announcing nominees for the Academy Awards.

In the same NYT piece, Pitt's estranged wife, Angelina Jolie, also spoke out about Weinstein, claiming he allegedly made unwanted advances towards her during the release of Playing by Heart in 1998.

The actor said he had no knowledge about the subject of Waxman's story.

Perhaps the word came to her mind because he could reach down and bend and shape not only American culture from the silver screen but shape and twist careers too.

She told the BBC the story was scrapped after intense pressure from Weinstein, who was an advertiser at the time. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, have announced plans to donate his campaign contributions to charities. For instance, they might want to discuss why any of their other Hollywood pals didn't warn them about Weinstein when the Obamas allowed Malia to intern with him.

Crew recounted the incident in 16 separate tweets, alleging that a Hollywood executive who isn't Weinstein once approached him and his wife, Rebecca King-Crews, at a public event and "groped [his] privates". All victims of sexual abuse contend with immense guilt and shame, but the stigma choking male victims into silence is a unique, suppressive power.

Weinstein was fired on Sunday from his eponymous company, The Weinstein Company, after The New York Times detailed numerous sexual-harassment allegations against him in a bombshell report.

Weinstein is flying to a rehab center in Europe to seek treatment for sex addiction, TMZ reported on Tuesday evening.

But there are many stories coming out now that it's safe.

A dispute between movie mogul Harvey Weinstein and his daughter prompted police to respond to a Los Angeles home on Wednesday, LAPD confirmed.

The DCCC donation is going to a San Francisco-based group that has campaigned to end domestic violence around the world.

Delevingne said in a second post that abuse of women by powerful men happens in every industry. If he was still getting five to 10 Oscar nominations a year or ruling the Oscars, would this have happened? "Here's the thing: They want to work".