Conor McGregor Coach On What's Next For "Notorious"

Conor McGregor Coach On What's Next For

The one that has lingered for quite some time is a third fight with Nate Diaz, but UFC president Dana White has squashed the notion that a McGregor-Diaz fight is in the works.

The UFC's new interim lightweight champ is willing to let Conor McGregor avoid a confrontation by vacating share of the title, but he'd rather deliver an ass-whooping to entertain the masses.

As Dana White himself put it, McGregor vs. Ferguson is the fight that now "has to happen".

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The prospect of a fight between McGregor and Ferguson is an exciting one given their love of standing in the pocket and throwing heat. It is insane but realistically, if that was boxing, for an event that size, a fight that big for the PPV numbers, I feel like the boxer would get that money or close to it. "But yeah, without a doubt if he wants to stand and bang with Conor it'll be lights out fairly quick, I think".

"I think Conor would be a ideal fit with WWE", McMahon said.

Meanwhile, McGregor (21-3 MMA, 9-1 UFC) originally claimed the undisputed belt at this past November's UFC 205 but hasn't entered the octagon since, instead taking a boxing match with Floyd Mayweather this past August. With the one year mark approaching since winning the UFC lightweight tile, it will be interesting to see how things play out as Ferguson makes the most sense as an opponent holding the interim title.

"Look, Conor watches the fights". His style is, you know, it's not traditional, it's a bit unorthodox and stuff, but I just honestly think that Conor's going to be way too clean for Ferguson. That's not me being negative, it's just that history has shown that. We saw that against Mayweather and if Kevin Lee connected with [Ferguson], sure as hell Conor will connect as well.

'For sure [Ferguson is a tougher fight than Diaz].

Ferguson spoke with Fox after the fight and stated that he was going to "come after" McGregor. You better come and f**king defend that belt. "I will probably defend my interim belt more times than that dude would ever defend that belt". "So yeah, no, for us, I'd just like to see him back training in like the next week or two or whatever and then training through the Christmas or whatever, enjoy his training and then go into camp after the Christmas and fighting whatever, the first quarter of next year".