Samsung phone explodes in man's shirt pocket — Watch

Samsung phone explodes in man's shirt pocket — Watch

Electronics giant Samsung provided an explanation to CNET, stating that battery used inside the Samsung device (identified as the Samsung Grand Duos) was a third-party unit.

According to the latest reports, the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Samsung are supposed to debut constantly with the conventional fingerprint scanners that are located in the rear plates, because the company has still to overcome obstacles in the certain development before embedding such sensors into the displays panels reliably.

The vast majority of those affected are Galaxy S8 users, who say they have become aware of some messages sent to them in both the Android Messages and Samsung Messages apps not being delivered.

Samsung and other cell phone manufacturers always stress on using genuine spares for their products.

Samsung responded by offering its apologies and well-wishes for the customer, but maintained that it wasn't its fault. The smartphone is one of Samsung's older Galaxy Duos, which was launched way back in 2013.

As for the iPhone 8 Plus, it has trouble with autofocusing at times, color cast in low-light and indoor environments, and noticeable noise when recording videos in low-light settings.

In the video, the guy Yulianto is seen searching for his phone and the phone then burns with an impact. Xiaomi's Redmi Note 4 reportedly caught fire in two separate incidents in the country.

The CCTV footage shared by Channel News Asia recorded the entire incident on tape. Someone comes to rescue immediately, and he removes his shirt avoiding any major injuries. Whatever it is, it has nothing to do with carriers, user mishandling or anything like that, so Samsung needs to publicly address and thoroughly fix the issue ASAP.