What will be Hurricane Maria's impact on Puerto Rico's drug industry?

What will be Hurricane Maria's impact on Puerto Rico's drug industry?

"Watching the images of the video and comparing it to the images I've seen so far - it's devastated", said the singer, whose real name is Ramón Luis Ayala Rodríguez.

"Really, the fundamental thing is if people leave the island, will they be willing to come back", said Cate Long, founder of the research firm Puerto Rico Clearinghouse.

On Monday morning September 25, Dr. Dan Miller joined "Good Morning Westchester" with Bob Marrone to discuss the Mets partnership with Governor Cuomo in helping in the relief efforts for the people of Puerto.

But Mr Rosello told broadcaster CNN that the hurricanes were "a game changer" for those discussions.

Alliance Building Services and Budweiser are among the Mets partners who have already pledged to support the drive.

Top aides to Trump, including homeland security adviser Tom Bossert and the Federal Emergency Management Agency administrator Brock Long, went to the island Monday to assess immediate needs.

"There was indication on Friday that there was an imminent collapse of this dam", he said. "There's no communication, no power on the island, the hospitals are not working", he added.

"The situation is desperate".

The federal panel that oversees Puerto Rico's finances said it would work to speed recovery funds. But despite what you might have heard, America is not in a "golden age of small-business startups", thanks, he argued, to rampant corporate consolidation. A construction accident at the peak of tourist season in late July cut power to Ocracoke and Hatteras for several days, resulting in the evacuation of an estimated 50,000 tourists.

Musician Daddy Yankee, who guest stars on the smash international hit "Despacito", is appealing for help for his native Puerto Rico after the island was battered by Hurricane Maria. "In fact, look, full disclosure here, even our own parent company, Time Warner, is currently trying to merge with AT&T, which makes this story a little dangerous for us to do", he said, adding to the danger by savagely insulting AT&T multiple times.

Residents in remote parts of Puerto Rico are stranded and some haven't been able to contact their families to tell them they survived Hurricane Maria, which struck last Wednesday.