Democrats Will Still Face a 'Very Difficult Media Environment — Hillary Clinton

Democrats Will Still Face a 'Very Difficult Media Environment — Hillary Clinton

She writes with brutal honesty about how angry she would get when people tried to apologise to her, remembering one young women whose mother forced her to "apologise for not voting".

In her new book, Clinton offered her account of the factors that led to her loss at the polls in November. She cites attending the all-female Wellesley College, raising her daughter Chelsea and connecting with other women and girls as real highlights of her career, and her life thus far.

Hillary Clinton recently wrote a book. "We do however have mechanisms in place to ensure that the voices of many do not drown out the voices of a few and we remove customer reviews that violate our community guidelines". "But if they remain silent and just give lip service to contrary points of views, then they are part of his agenda and should be judged and held accountable for that".

In a series of tweets that appeared to come after he learned of her book's mass appeal, Trump called her "crooked Hillary" - a favorite derogatory term of his - and said Clinton had "no game" when it came to the election.

Clinton didn't offer any public remarks as signed copies of "What Happened" for several hundred supporters inside a Barnes & Noble store in lower Manhattan.

In response, Sanders told Stephen Colbert that he wasn't really concerned about Hillary's comments.

Why was Trump creeping behind Clinton at the debate?

She also served eight years representing New York in the Senate, and eight years as US first lady.

"If you didn't like that book, try this one - some good lessons in here about working together to solve problems", Clinton tweeted. She says she considered saying to Trump, "Back up, you creep".