Jose Mourinho Confirms Talks With Zlatan Ibrahimovic Over Potential Return

Jose Mourinho Confirms Talks With Zlatan Ibrahimovic Over Potential Return

Ibrahimovic - who had won league titles with every club he had played for before joining United on a free transfer from Paris Saint-Germain a year ago - has made clear that he was disappointed to finish sixth with Mourinho's team last season.

Ibrahimovic was let go at the end of his one-year contract, but the veteran Swede is undergoing rehabilitation at United ahead of his expected return to fitness around Christmas.

Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho has called on his side to stop relying on their frontmen for goals this season. It's not something that's urgent, it's not desperate to have it done or not. He wants more football at the highest level so we are having conversations and discussing the possibility of him staying for the second part of the season'. "I think in the Premier League it's much faster, much more physical so when we get him, generally, he's in good condition".

"We need to improve because we ended up a distance away from the top".

Meanwhile, Mourinho has already secured the services of Romelu Lukaku, and having a lethal goalscorer like Zlatan as backup could prove to be very useful towards the end of the campaign.

Defeat by Real Madrid in Tuesday's UEFA Super Cup match in Skopje was a setback, but Mourinho says his team are ready for the new season.

"Victor can play right-back and can play centre midfield, we got a centre midfielder and we got an attacking player", he said. "I'm happy with the effort the club did and I'm happy they managed to do 75 percent of the work before the Premier League starts". "I don't think I am in a position of moaning, crying, contesting or saying I am not happy".