Giant sinkhole swallows Southwest Florida homes

Giant sinkhole swallows Southwest Florida homes

"It really was like the American Dream".

According to the Tampa Bay Times, at least 10 homesfrom the community have been evacuated.

Two geologists from the state are investigating the opening. A third home lost about 45ft of driveway and a septic tank. Within an hour, the house had partially collapsed.

Dramatic images have emerged from Florida that show a home being swallowed by a massive sinkhole.

"For citizens, our hearts break for you", he said.

A boat is falling into the hole, which was the size of a small pool initially, but has grown and now reaches a roadway.

The hole has grown to 250 feet wide and has fully taken over the road.

Drone footage showed a boat bobbing in the water-filled pit.

The only way to ensure that you don't purchase property that might be prone to sinkhole activity is to not buy property in a karst region. A typical sinkhole would have begun to drain by now, he said, but debris has prevented that. Experts say it's all about doing your research.

And neighbors could know their potential risk by looking on the county property appraiser's website.

The Red Cross will be assisting the evacuated residents.

There have been no reports of injuries. "It is soft", Nocco said. In 2016, the home-owners spent $30,000 to reinforce the house's foundation with 33 steel pins.

In minutes, the depression grew into a giant sinkhole.

The sinkhole formed and destroyed the homes Friday morning.

Sink Hole Update- 1 home is a complete loss. Attempts to reach the owners for comment were unsuccessful Friday. He said firefighters and deputies helped people get some of their belongings out of their homes.

'Mother Nature is going to take what Mother Nature is going to take'.

The homes impacted are located at 21825 and 21835 on Oceans Pines Drive. "We have to wait on it to stop", Guthrie said. Terence Doohen replied, "Clothes can be replaced, buddy".

The ground, he said, is still unstable.

Kendra Denzik lives directly behind both sunken homes. It had been as deep as 50 feet Friday night. They are staying with Villa's son.