Jennifer Lopez releases music video for new single 'Ni Tu Ni Yo'

Jennifer Lopez releases music video for new single 'Ni Tu Ni Yo'

The track, featuring Gente de Zona, also boasts Marc Anthony in its visuals.

Minutes after announcing the release of her latest music video, Lopez posted an adorable photo of herself snuggling in bed with her beloved children, Max and Emme, the tops of their heads peeking out from beneath a camel-colored blanket. In the midst of partying with her entourage, Lopez manages to find time to romantically lock eyes with Khotan.

"I have something a little bit different in mind", says Fernández, who plays a photographer in the video.

The song features Gente de Zona and is the first tune from her new Spanish language album.

The performer is an actress, singer, dancer, talent show judge and TV producer, and said last year that if she had none of those things, she would likely be an artist.

"I can't paint. But I feel I could learn anything if I worked hard enough".

Filming a music video with Jennifer Lopez is like one sexy, island vacation! Another costume that is sure to give fans Princess Leia vibes is a gold bustier by The Blonds and Minimale Animale bottoms.

The video opened with her sitting at a table as Marc Anthony comes in with a photographer. The video was shot in Isla Morada, Florida in June.