Google Pixel XL 2: squeezable frame for Google Assistant

Google Pixel XL 2: squeezable frame for Google Assistant

If true, it sounds like Google's hefty investment into LG's mobile display tech paid off. Not only will the display be OLED, but it is reported that an Always-On capability will be baked in, the same thing we've seen from various devices, which allows you to see notifications and other info on a display that is mostly turned off. Also note that a specific feature for Google Wizard would be provided like the one presented on the HTC U 11.

While the image hinted towards an almost bezel-less display on Google Pixel XL 2, fresh information has popped up regarding the device. This will be an optional setting, of course. This might simply be a website that provides users with a guide on how to use the phone and or to have them register the device to Google. The squeezing intensity threshold will be fully adjustable, the website assures.

Now thanks to the folks at XDA, additional details about the phone have surfaced.

The upcoming new Pixel 2 smartphones, which will be manufactured by LG, looks like it will sport the new kind of input method that was first popularized by HTC.

Speculations are rife about the second-generation Google Pixel smartphones. But Google will certainly draw some lines. The display is bigger, too, at 6 inches, so there's more screen real estate and thinner bezels. But what appears further interesting is that LG is roping in a flagship feature of the other manufacturing partner. However, setting for display profiles were also hidden behind Developer Options and were not so easily accessible for regular, everyday users.

According to some recent leaks, the next Pixels might be getting Always On display functionalities.

Judging from all the previous releases of Google hardware, we should expect an early-fall announcement for the Pixel 2 and the larger Taimen handset. Here's what the 32 and the 128GB versions of these two cost last year.